Foton tunland c 2.8

Foton tunland c 2.8

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Foton Motor Group (referred to Foton), was founded on August 28, 1996 Foton is a state-owned holding enterprise with mixed ownership, and listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in June 1998 Foton has 10 billion U S dollars in total assets and 40,000 employees Foton has nine product brands,products cover trucks, bus, Construction Machinery, pickup, VAN, SUV, etc,and the brand value is 14 8 billion U S dollars in 2016


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757 Units Foton Tunland Pickups to be Delivered to State Grid On May 31, Foton successfully won a bid for providing 757 units Tunland pickups to State Grid Corporation of Ch

Foton Aumark S5 Makes its Debut Recently, Foton successfully rolled out Aumark S5 truck which is equipped with Cummins ISF4.5 engine. The vehicle is chiefly targeted at fruit & vegetable transportation market. ully meeting National V and Euro VI Emission Stardards, Aumark S5 truck is able to deliver 210 horsepower at its maximum.

Foton Aumark C Truck Officially Enters South Africa Recently, Aumark C truck officially entered South Africa Foton’s major customers and distributors across the

Foton Motor and Piaggio Group of Italy Team up for New Range of LCVs Eight months after the Piaggio Group of Italy and Foton Motor Group of China announced plans to develop a new

Foton and Henan Bingxiong Sign a Deal for 1,000 Cold Chain Logistics Vehicles On May 13, a grand ceremony was held in Beijing to mark the signing of cooperation agreement between Foton and

Foton Ends April with Sales of 4,400 Units Aumark In April, the sales volume of Aumark reached 4,400 units From January to April this year, the sales volume of

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